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Lord of the Flies By William Golding Urdu Audio Download

Downlaod 20 MB

Five Children and it by E. Nesbit
Children Story
in Urdu
14-00 M.B Download

Swiss Family Robinson Adventure Download

Charles Dickens
 Great Expectations

Charles Dickens
 A Tale of Two cities

Charles Dickens
A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens
Oliver Twist
Download 27 MB Audio Urdu

Henry James Turn of Screw Urdu

کیا مرنے کے بعد کوئی اس دنیا میں واپس آسکتا ہے 
کیا وہ واقعی روحیں تھیں جو بچوں سے ملنا چاہتی تھیں یا صرف انسانی ذہن کی پیداوار
یہ معمہ آج تک کوئی حل نہیں کرسکا
Henry James Turn of Screw Urdu
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Henry James
Washington Square Urdu
22-00 MB Download

Five Weeks in a Balloon-Jules Verne
ownload 19-MB

Twenty Thousand League Under the Sea-Jules Verne
Download 21-MB

Around the world in Eighty days-Jules Verne
15-05 M.B

Master of the World Jules Verne
10-01 M.B
Off on a comet Jules Verne
09-08 M.B
Mysterious Island Jules Verne
16-06 M.B
Captain Grant Children
09-08 M.B
Underground City Jules Verne
14-03 M.B

ousseau Arts and Science Discourse 40 Minutes, 28 MB


Download Audio Book: 16 MB: Duration: 36:00 Min
ncle Tom's Cabin By Harriet Beecher

Download Audio Book: 27 MB: Duration: 40:00 Minutes:
Narrative of the Life and Adventure of Henry Bibb: An american Slave

31-00 M.B
Scarlet Letter
Nathaniel Hawthorn

35-08 M.B
Tess of D'Urbervilles

Thomas Hardy

Children Story
Voyages of Doctor Dolittle
Download  31-00 M.B

Lost Stradivarius Urdu Audio Book
16-04 M.B

Moonfleet Urdu Audio Book
15-005 M.B

Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain
12-06 M.B

Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
12-04 M.B

Time Machine H.G.Wells
24-00 M.B

H. G Wells War of the World
29-00 M.B

27-03 M.B

Ethan From by Edith Wharton
17-08 M.B

Ayesha - She - by H. Rider Haggard
25-00 M.B

Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Ann Bronte
18-00 M.B

Silas Marner by George Eliot
29-00 M.B

Download Adam Bede Urdu Audio Book By George Eliot

Danial Dorenda by George Eliot
11-06 M.B

Oedipus the King by Sophocles
Urdu Audio Book Download 29-09 MB

Urdu Text Download 01-19 MB

Oedipus at Colonus by Sophocles
Urdu Audio Book Download 22-08 MB

Urdu Text Download 01-12 MB

Antigone by Sophocles
Urdu Audio Book Download 23-03 MB

Urdu Text Download 01-03 MB

Animal Farm By George Orwell
Urdu Audio Book Download 49-08 MB

Urdu Text Download 01-94 MB

Aeneid by Virgil
Urdu Audio Book Download
 20-00 MB

A Passage to India By E.M Forster
Urdu Audio Book Download
 40-00 MB

Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen

Urdu Text Download 01-00 MB

21-06 M.B
Urdu Audio
10-08 M.B
Urdu Audio
King Lear

Urdu Text Download 01-00 MB
41-00 M.B 20-06 M.B

Urdu Text Download 01-00 MB
42-03 M.B 21-02 M.B

Urdu Text Download 01-00 MB
22-00 MB 11-00 M.B
33-00 M.B 16.05 M.B
Tale of Two Cities
Charles Dickens

Urdu Text Download 03-00 M.B
33-00 M.B
Urdu Audio Book
33-00 M.B
Tess of D'Urbervilles
Thomas Hardy

Urdu Text Download 2-00 M.B
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71-04 M.B
Urdu Audio Book
Low Speed
35-08 M.B
Urdu Audio Book
Mayor of Casterbridge
Thomas Hardy
Urdu Books

Urdu Text Download 2-00 M.B
68-03 M.B 34-02 M.B
Paradise Lost
John Milton

Urdu Text Download 03-00 MB
41-08 M.B 20-09 M.B
Anna Karenina

Urdu Text Download 02-00 MB
73-06 M.B 36-09 M.B
Five Children and it
E. Nesbit
14-00 M.B 07-00 M.B
War of the World
29-00 M.B 00-00 00
Time Machine
24-00 M.B 00-00 00
Prince and the Pauper
Mark Twain
25-01 M.B 12-06 M.B
Mutiny on Bounty
William Bligh
22-03 MB 11-02 MB
Sign of Four
Sherlock Holmes
Urdu Books
35-00 M.B 17-04 M.B
Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
R.L Stevenson
24-08 M.B 12-04 M.B
Daphne du Maurier
34-04 M.B 16-07 M.B
My Cousin Rachell
Daphne du Maurier
28-08 MB 14-04 M.B
Jamicca Inn
Daphne du Maurier
24-09 M.B 12-04 M.B
Age of Innocence
Edith Wharton
20-02 MB 10-00 MB
Turn of the Screw
Henry James
23-06 MB 11-08 MB
Scarlet Letter
Nathaniel Hawthorn
31-00 M.B 00-00 00
Around the world in 80Days
Jules Verne
30-09 M.B 15-05 M.B
Master of the World
Jules Verne
20-01 M.B 10-01 M.B
Off on a comet
Jules Verne
19-05 M.B 09-08 M.B
Mysterious Island
Jules Verne
30-01 M.B 16-06 M.B
Underground City
Jules Verne
28-05 M.B 14-03 M.B
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Harriet Beecher Stowe
32-03 M.B 16-02 M.B
Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens

Version-1 (18 Min)
16-00 M.B 00-00 M.B
Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens

Version-2 (41 Min)
28-00 M.B 00-00 00
Guzra Hwa Zamana
Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
11-07 M.B 00-00 00
Umeed Ki Khooshi
Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
14-03 M.B 00-00 00
Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
09-07 M.B 00-00 00
Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
10-00 M.B 00-00 00

Miratul Uroos
Deputy Nazir Ahmad Dehalvi

The first novel of Urdu (1868)

Urdu Audio Book Download

and Umrao Jan Ada by Mriza Ruswa
Moon Stone by Wilki Syed Irfan Ali (17-06 M-B) (17-06 M-B)
2012-End of Time Syed Irfan Ali (21-02 M.B) (05-30 M.B)
Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen (13-02 M.B) (05.29 M.B)
French Revolution Syed Irfan Ali (20-00 M.B) (10-00 M.B)
Paradise Lost John Milton 1-(11-03 M.B)
2-(12-01 M.B)
1-(2-82 M.B)
2-(3-02 M.B) 
Woman in White Wilkie Collins (33-06 M.B) (10-05 M.B)
Ten Days
in a Mad House
Nellie Bly (40-00 M.B) 1-(4-17 M.B)
2-(4-71 M.B)
3-(4-65 M.B)
Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte 1-(2-44 M.B)
2-(2-79 M.B)
3-(3-46 M.B)
4-(3-38 M.B)
Inspector General Gogol 1-(3-88 M.B)
2-(3-71 M.B)
3-(3-75 M.B)
T I T A N I C Syed Irfan Ali (38-00 M.B) (12-00 M.B)
Twelfth Night
Urdu Books
Shakespeare  1-(1-63 M.B)
2-(2-26 M.B)
3-(2-22 M.B)
4-(2-47 M.B)
Mid Summer Night Dream Shakespeare (8-87 M.B) (3-55 M.B)
Romeo and Juliet
Urdu Books
Shakespeare 1-(2-30 M.B)
2-(2-15 M.B)
3-(2-05 M.B)
4-(2-43 M.B)
Antony & Cleopatra Shakespeare 1-(2-32 M.B)
2-(2-88 M.B)
3-(2-56 M.B)
Julius Caesar Shakespeare 1  (2-41 M.B)
2  (2-54 M.B)
Iliad Homer (59-00 MB) (18-00 MB)
Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy 1-(3-39 M.B)
2-(3-62 M.B)
3-(6-08 M.B)
4-(3-43 M.B)
5-(2-82 M.B)
Frankenstein Mary Shelley (31-02 M.B) 1-(03-35 M.B)
2-(04-63 M.B)
Prologue Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer (19-07 M.B) 1-(02-70 M.B)
2-(03-36 M.B)
Flood Emile Zola (15-00 MB) (04-07 MB)
Snow White & 7-Dwarfs Brothers Grimm (6-31 M.B) (2-10 M.B)
Gulliver Travels
Urdu Book
Jonathan Swift 1-(2-27 M.B)
2-(2-08 M.B)
3-(2-25 M.B)
Canterville Ghost Oscar Wilde (14-03 M.B) (04-30 M.B)
Charles Darwin-Urdu Books Syed Irfan Ali (14-00 M.B)
(12-00 M.B)
1-(03-06 M.B)
2-(03-00 M.B)
Bermuda Triangle Story Syed Irfan Ali (8-35 M.B)
House on the Borderland William Hodgson 1-(27-09 M.B)
2-(26-01 M.B)
1-(06-75 M.B)
2-(06-54 M.B)
House of Usher Edgar Allan Poe (13-02 M.B) (04-40 M.B)
Gold Bug-Urdu Book Edgar Allan Poe (9-12 M.B) (9-12 M.B)
Black Cat Edgar Allan Poe (9-85 M.B) (9-85 M.B)
Facts in case of  Valdemar Edgar Allan Poe (7-67 M.B) 1-91 M.B)
Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury Download Urdu Books
Fathers and Sons Ivan Turgenev 22-00 MB 07-00 MB
Gilgamesh World First Story (20-00 MB) (10-00 MB)
Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde 1-(17-01 M.B)
2-(16-00 M.B)
3-(13-04 M.B)
1-(5-72 M.B)
2-(5-33 M.B)
3-(4-48 M.B)
Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde 1-(10-08 M.B)
2-(11-02 M.B)
1-(3-61 M.B)
2-(3-76 M.B)
Salome-Urdu Books Oscar Wilde (11-09 M.B) (3-57 M.B)
The Red and the Black Stendhal (33-05 M.B) 1-(03-80 M.B)
2-(04-66 M.B)
A Passage to India E.M. Forster Download 40 mb
Doctor Faustus Christopher Marlowe 1-(2-24 M.B)
2-(2-11 M.B)
Troilus and Criseyde
Download Books in urdu
Geoffrey Chaucer (24-06 M.B) 1-(12-02 M.B)
2-(13-00 M.B)
Pilgrim's Progress John Bunyan (33-00 M.B) 1-(05-74 M.B)
2-(04-64 M.B)
Heptameron Marguerite Navarre (19-05 M.B) (04-88 M.B)
Decameron Giovanni Boccaccio (14-02 M.B) (03-57 M.B)
The Medea Euripides (11-02 M.B) (03-75 M.B)
The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck (29-04 M.B) (05-09 M.B)
The Secret Garden Children Story Frances Burnett 1-(21-01 M.B)
2-(15-08 M.B)
1-(04-22 M.B)
2-(03-17 M.B)
Candida-Urdu Books Bernard Shaw 1-(21-09 M.B)
2-(30-07 M.B)
1-(5-48 M.B)
2-(7-69 M.B)
Arms and Man in Urdu Bernard Shaw 1-(3-30 M.B)
2-(2-51 M.B)
Metamorphosis-Urdu Book Franz Kafka (24-02 M.B) 1-(04-04 M.B)
2-(04-26 M.B)
Hedda Gabler-Urdu Books Henrik Ibsen 1-(3-38 M.B)
2-(4-07 M.B)
3-(3-46 M.B)
4-(4-28 M.B)
Call of the Wild
Urdu Books
Jack London 1-(09-73 M.B)
2-(11-00 M.B)
1-(03-25 M.B)
2-(03-68 M.B)
Candide-Urdu Books Voltaire 1-(3-37 M.B)
2-(3-19 M.B)
3-(3-24 M.B)
Don Quixote-Urdu Books
Miguel de Cervantes 1-(2-73 M.B)
2-(2-13 M.B)
3-(2-38 M.B)
4-(1-86 M.B)
5-(2-09 M.B)
Mad James Hermit Lucas Syed Irfan Ali (2-67 M.B)
Hound of Baskerville
Urdu Books
Sherlock Holmes 
Zip file download 70 MB
1-(26-09 M.B)
 2-(21-02 M.B)
 3-(25-02 M.B)
1-(06-73 M.B)
 2-(05-32 M.B)
 3-(06-31 M.B)
Speckled Band Urdu books Sherlock Holmes (30-05 M.B) 1-(04-08 M.B)
 2-(03-82 M.B)
Scandal In Bohemia Urdu Sherlock Holmes (19-06 M.B) (04-90 M.B)
Six Napoleons Sherlock Holmes (12-02 M.B) (03-04 M.B)
Illustrious Client Urdu Books Sherlock Holmes (13-00 M.B) (03-26 M.B)

Urdu Book Middlemarch in, Urdu Book Return of the Native, Urdu Book To the Lighthouse, Pair of Blue Eyes Urdu Book, BBC Urdu VOA Urdu Aldous Huxley Consequest of Happniessانگلش ٹو اردو ڈکشنری, اردو  ‎ناول - ‎تاریخ - ‎مذہب  Children Urdu Books Free Bachon Ki Kitaben Kahanian Great Gatsby Keats Urdu Book

Guy de Maupassant
Urdu Audio Books

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